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How To Start A New Career In A 300 Billion Dollar Industry For $12 Bucks

Posted by : Based on an Article by: Alex Daniels, Holly Hall, and Anu Narayanswamy on 7/4/2017
   "More than two dozen fundraisers at the nation’s nonprofits earn more than $500,000, and at least two make $1-million or more, according to an analysis of the latest compensation data available." 

The 2nd Greatest Network Marketing Secret Ever Told

Posted by Admin Team on 7/1/2017 to Research


An Article by

E. Laurence Bake

     What if there really was a single piece of knowledge, a provable, fact-based secret of sorts that could enable almost any Network Marketer to retire prosperous enough to enjoy a great life?  And what if that knowledge was before your eyes, hiding in 

Veterans using the creativity of music and art to heal PTSD

Posted by on 6/24/2017 to Research
Veterans using the creativity of music and art to heal PTSD
Veterans often find it hard to adjust back to daily life when they return home, but one fellow soldier says that music and art can help them regain a

Combat Veterans Use Art to Heal

Posted by on 6/24/2017 to Research
Combat Veterans Use Art to Heal
An array of plump coloring pencils and thin paint brushes to dab drops of water colors on small, sturdy canvas paper were spread out on tables so that audience members could participate and create. Frames protected a series of original sketches whose content openly expressed the innermost feelings of a U.S. Marine Master Sergeant. Francisco Martinezcuello, a 20-year Marine veteran, provided a

THE GAME Chart Explained

Posted by Laurence on 6/13/2017 to The Game UNIVERSITY
THE GAME Chart Explained


Now anyone can earn extra money, helping America's Veterans. 

And here is how it works...


Posted by Admin Team on 6/9/2017 to News
Welcome! Our team is proud to announce that THE NEW HOPE GAME is taking shape in a grand way. 

You can learn more about how you can start earning money each week as part of the New Hope For Heroes Fundraiser program by calling