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    Board of Directors & Advisors

    Ann Anderson - President
    Ann is a retired IT Director from USC. Her passion for SENIOR'S AWARENESS ISSUES continues through public speaking with Congressional representatives involving other non-profit organizations and support on a national basis. She has personally presented 36 Gold Star banners at memorial ceremonies to the parents of our Fallen Heroes during first 3 years of war in Iraq.  Continuing support of the senior elements of the Blue Star and Gold Star families in the communities.
    prior to her work with New Hope she established projects with Girls Scouts nationally selling an extra box of cookies for the troops. Continued support of senior veteran non-profits nationally. Created Statewide Computer educational programs for under privileged citizens and women's abuse shelters in communities through the state department.  Formerly on Board of Directors of the Easter Seals Foundation.  
    Ann is very passionate about the Human and Civil Rights of all our seniors and is co-founder of the New Hope for Hero's Campaign, helping organize celebrity concerts and events.  We hope to bring the campaign and the  "Thanks and Appreciation - TranZ~Formation concerts to communities across North America.

    Our Board of Advisors
    Dr. Len Bauduin.

    Dr. Bauduin provides chiropractic, acupuncture, and nutritional counseling services. His training includes two B.S. degrees in the field of biology, a Doctorate of Chiropractic and certification in applied kinesiology, physiotherapy, and acupuncture. He received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from the National University of Health Sciences.

    He has also completed extensive coursework in nutrition and Chinese  Medicine at the Florida Institute of Traditional  Chinese Medicine (FITCM) in Pinellas Park, Florida. His extensive training enables  him to treat and aid in the prevention of a wide range of conditions as well as provide information to the public on how they can make changes  in their own health. Dr. Len Bauduin has been in practice since 1996.   Helping our Veteran's with chiropratic care and services.

    Marchia Carnicelli Minor - Co-Founder Heathly Referral Newspaper.  

    Ms Minor was selected to be on the National Health Federation Advisory Board.  NHF is the oldest health freedom organization in the world.   Ms. Minor has also hosted the Healthy Referral’s Mind Your Body and Spirit radio show .  Marchia is also the co-founder of the 15 yr running annual Int’l Natural Health & Foods Expo ~ A Conscious Inspiration with exhibitors & speakers from around the world. 

    Marchia is the Founder/creator of “Dance of Spirit” Sacred Dance Performance along with her workshop entitled, “Re-Awaken” Your Spiritual Essence thru Music/Sound & Movement. She has performed “Dance of Spirit” & facilitated her workshop throughout the country/& touching internationally.   Helping Veteran's become aware of a Heathy Alternative life.

    Captain Val LaFrance - Board of Directors

    Captain Val is a retired US Marine Corp aviator.  A former corporate officer for a major airline transport.  Certified flight instructor and engineer, flying 40 different types of aircraft.  Capt. Val also has an extensive Maritime career.  US Masters Cert Lic any grossterns, First class boat pilot.   

    Tom Katovksy - Co-Founder Heathly Referral Newspaper.  

    Tom worked in the tennis clubs business for over 10 years including coaching Kent State and John Carroll University.   

    Mr. Katovsky was also a volunteer coach at the Israel Tennis Centers in Tel Aviv working with the former Davis Cup Coach Ron Steele.  Former Big Brother, volunteer for National Junior Tennis League, and Sport for Understanding in Denmark, the newest 20 year project is building an international tennis learning center for kids now being proposed to the City of E. Cleveland.  This is modeled after the Israel Tennis Centers and the Arthur Ashe Center in Philadelphia.  Helping Veteran's become aware of a Heathy Alternative life.


    Edward Quinones - Program Coordinator
    Edward brings some 30 years of proven experience in Sales and Market Development in private industry, government and consulting. He has worked in broad fields of finance, mortgages, insurance, investments, manufacturing, economic research and feasibility studies. He has a unique experience of having worked hands on in every major continent in the world, including living abroad for 17 years.