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 New Hope's "Thanks & Appreciation" Concert Series

Now the #1 Veteran Appreciation Concert Series in Florida

Our trademark concert events bring the heart of the local community and its celebrities to Veteran service members who have returned home. The purpose of each show is to entertain them and convey the support of the community in which they live and the nation. And our additional specialized programs like "Team Elite - Jobs-Jobs-Jobs" offer a continuum support to Veterans throughout their transition period.

New Hope For Heroes does not receive any financial support from the federal government. As a Florida based non-profit NHFH relies on the generosity of individuals to support its activities, and is powered by volunteers to accomplish our mission.

The New Hope Campaign  began in late 2014 when our founder E. Laurence Bake and campaign President Ann Anderson decided to gather a group of talented artist, celebrities and performers who shared the vision of saying THANK YOU to our returning Veterans.  Laurence named his group of world-class performers, artists and musicians "Tran Z Formation," and the stage show he created was called "THANK - HONOR - ROCK N ROLL."  

This name was chosen as a tribute to the actor Gary Sinese (who stared in the movie Forest Gump) and his great work helping Veterans, under the name "The Lt. Dan Band."  

Laurence believed that a community showing their thanks and appreciation is vital to every Veteran’s healing and their transition back FROM THE BATTLE-FRONT TO THE HOME-FRONT. Today, TRAN Z FORMATION and the THANK - HONOR ROCK N ROLL show is the #1 Veteran Appreciation Concert Series in Florida. It’s new; it’s heart-felt and it features world music sounds that have captured the imagination of millions - an astounding 80 million records sold to  date.

With the “Inspirational & Motivational” elements Laurence brings to the stage “Tran - Z - Formation” turned out to be the perfect name.

In Lawrence’s own words, “War harms the soldier and citizens at home too. We are all affected by it in one way or another. And only love and a caring community can heal those invisible wounds of war. Sincere “Thanks & Appreciation” are Humanity’s healing method. 

We hope to see you at the next concert...

 (a 501c3  non-profit organization)