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    HOPE FOR HEROES - Campaign USA

    Florida News, May 21, 2016

    Currently there are 1.6 MILLION Veterans residing in Florida along with their two to three million additional family members. This one US Veteran community alone adds up to millions of individuals with vital needs to maintain or improve their health. In some cases the need for "anything" that can help improve health is urgent and growing ever more extreme each month. 

    "If ever there was a time and unprecedented opportunity for "Alternative" health products and services to demonstrate their effectiveness, now is that time," says, Ann Anderson, President of The New Hope For Heroes Veteran Campaign. "Traditional medicine alone has failed to fill too many of our Veteran's actual needs and it has left millions of families wanting." She added. 

    As a result the founders of The Healthy Referral Newspaper and the New Hope Campaign have joined forces, concluded a number of exploratory meetings and set out on a path to establish a framework where the Veteran Community and the Natural Health & Healing Community can meet. The program is called "NEW HOPE FOR VETERAN'S HEALTH" and has now been formally adopted as one of the three main programs currently run and operated by The New Hope Campaign. 

    "Together we are stronger. Our publication has been been a voice for natural health for over 25 years. Our networks reach deeply into the alternative health industry, from manufactures to healing services.  The New Hope Campaign reaches Veterans. It's a perfect fit." Concluded Ms. Marchia Minor, founding executive of Healthy Referral.

    News of the "New Hope For Veteran Health Program" has already started to raise some eyebrows in both the Veteran community and with several companies that would very much like to show their support for active servicemen and woman and the millions of veterans and their families. They are eager to demonstrate how their products and services can and do help promote better health in some way.

    The New Hope Team has already met with leaders in The Paralyzed Veterans of America organization and several other groups and the interest and willingness to hear about how they could learn more about natural health products and services was clearly exceptional.  

    "If you have anything that could possibly help a Veteran live a more pain free, happier, more healthy life then bring it on. I want to know about it and now," commented ViJay Kumar, retired US Marine Corp Veteran.  

    While the New Hope For Veteran Health Program has just begun, a good, direct path to positive successes is now drawn out.  Any company, manufacturer or distributer of good, well proven natural health products, along with any service providers who want to help the Veteran community learn more about their products or services are now formally invited to contact the New Hope For Veteran Health Program head office via email: info@NewHopeForHeroes.com. 

    Vereans and their family members who would like to learn more about the program can also use the same contact information. 

    One can also use the Healthy Referral CONTACT US option as well, by simply noting: Veteran Health Program in the subject line.  

    The New Hope For Heroes - Campaign USA is a registered 501c, non-profit organization and depends solely on donations and and the support of those who believe our Veterans deserve help. 
    Your support, big or small does make a huge difference. If you would like to help in some way, please do it now. 

    All donations are greatly appreciated, dearly needed and will be welcomed at: http://www.newhopeforheroes.com/Donate_p_20.html