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    Welcome to The Game:

    Have you ever attended a charity fundraiser, or received a request to donate to a good cause in the mail? Most of us have had that experience. 

    Now have you ever wondered how much it cost the non-profit organization to pay for that fundraising event or for that mail marketing campaign? Well, the answer is PLENTY, because GOOD QUALITY MARKETING COSTS MONEY - lots of money. In fact, for too many good causes the cost of telling the community who they are and what they do is the #1 reason many good charities go quiet and are never heard from again. 

    For that reason we decided it was time to completely "rethink" the subject of fundraising. Actually, we decided to start a creative REVOLUTION and 100% rewrite the book on the subject. 

    We discovered that a "Networking model" could be used to raise funds for a legitimate, honest charitable cause. In doing so the non-profit organization could pay its members, (that's right YOU) for telling a few friends about the important work that New Hope does in the Veteran Community, AND NOT HAVE TO SPEND MONEY WITH OUTSIDE COMPANIES FOR EXPENSIVE MAILINGS, TELEPHONE CAMPAIGNS, OR HIGH PRICED PRINTING RUNS. 

    Equally as important, it could be done legally and ethically. 

    "That means our Members have the opportunity to earn more than most people believe possible by working with a non-profit organization."

    That development was REVOLUTIONARY, indeed. So we called it The Game because it is fun and there are rewards of all kinds at every level of success: And here is how it works, in three (3) simple steps.

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    Become a New Hope For Heroes Member. Make a simple $12 DONATION and receive all the essentials you need to start creating a generous INCOME each and every month.


    You are now free to invite anyone you like to the New Hope website to learn more about our Veteran Campaign. Some may choose to support the work we do. They can DONATE $12 and thats it, just 2 or 3 people and you are on your way to some very exciting residual earnings. 


    You are now on a fast track from your very first day, all the way into those precious retirement years, because your earnings are now RESIDUAL. Your personal income can begin to soar. That's because we built the GROWTH of your income right into The Game itself with a very powerful GROWTH BONUS feature.  

    "It's The Game"  WHERE EVERYBODY WINS! The Veterans win, you win and New Hope wins. 

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    The Game is made possible because non-profit (501c) laws in the USA understand that an organization MUST promote itself and pay for all of the marketing services it requires to grow. 

    At New Hope For Heroes we discovered it is more efficient to reward our Members for sharing our story, rather than pay outside companies for promotional services. The Game now provides an opportunity for all of our Members to earn an additional income while: Helping America's VETERANS Return From The BATTLE-FRONT To The HOME-FRONT.

    We even added a  "RETIREMENT INCOME"  element to The Game for you. And that is something a lot of people are very, very excited about. 


    Vijay Kumar

    US Marine Corp (Retired) 

    The New Hope


    Start with a $12 donation - share the New Hope Story with a few friends - watch the financial magic unfold 

    Get a detailed explanation of the Game Chart at link below


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