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    "Proper medical attention helps mend a Veteran's body. Creative work on a good job helps the mind. But only love, thanks and sincere appreciation helps to mend the proud Veteran's soul." 

    Author, E. Laurence Bake

    The New Hope For HEROES - Campaign was founded by life-long artist, E. Laurence Bake. Having lost his father to the wounds of war when he was only 2 years old he grew up as a GOLD STAR CHILD, without a father to guide him through his youth, teenage and early adult years. This experience taught him the real price of war, first hand.  

    So in 2014 he and computer engineer, Ann Anderson and retired US Marine, Vijay Kumar staged the very first "Thanks & Appreciation" concert for Florida Veterans and their family members. 

    That work was so successful that today, the E. Laurence Bake, "Tran Z Formation - Veteran Concert Series" has skyrocketed into "super group" status, consisting of a stellar band of creative artists, musicians, celebrities and performers who share Laurence's vision of helping our returning Veterans. 

    Every THANK & HONOR concert is a gift to our Veterans and their family members, a passionate, emotional experience for all who attend.   

    Yes, jobs, better healthcare and help of every kind needs to be extended to our returning Veterans. But that alone is not enough. Laurence believes that a community showing their thanks and appreciation is vital to every Veteran's healing and their transition back FROM THE BATTLE-FRONT TO THE HOME-FRONT. That is why Tran Z Formation is the #1 Veteran Appreciation Concert Series in Florida. It’s heart-felt and it features world music sounds that have captured the imagination of millions - with an astounding 80 million records sold to date.


    Add the powerful "Inspirational & Motivational" elements Laurence brings to the stage and there is only one word worthy of this all new experience - Tran Z Formation


    In Lawrence's own words: 

    "War affects the soldier, the children and the citizen at home too. As a result only a loving, caring community can possibly heal those very real, yet invisible wounds."