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Our Mission

At the NEW HOPE Campaign USA our mission is to help US Veterans transition back from BATTLE-FRONT to the HOME-FRONT.  

One of the ways we accomplish this is to provide each city/community we enter with a remarkable opportunity to show their "Thanks & Appreciation" for these wonderful, young men and women - Vets . Our world-class events make it possible for the local citizens to come together, with local business and community leaders, celebrities, politicians, VIPs and friends to show their THANKS and celebrate AMERICA'S VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES. 

In providing each city with this priceless gift we create spectacular music/entertainment concerts in the finest theater in the area, with many inspirational/motivational elements for the Veterans and their families to enjoy and benefit from personally. 

"Every event is AIMED at creatively offsetting the life-destroying effects of war (like isolation, loneliness, unemployment blues, Post Traumatic Stress and the currently escalating suicide rates in the USA. The results we seek are simple: Veterans who gain a whole NEW SENSE OF HOPE FOR A HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, WORTHWHILE LIFE."

Our Purpose

1. To rally the individual residents of each community we impact to come together as friends - a community - and DO OUR PART to fulfill the social, cultural and simple human needs of our Veterans and their families.

2. To employ the Arts, Entertainment, Media, Press and great appeal of large music concert events to bring our Veterans and their local Community residents together for  a loving, cooperative. life- enriching experience.

3. To “create’ a viable, economically sustainable non profit effort, with an equally sustainable administrative system.

New Hope Campaign is a 501c3  non-profit organization