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    What Is The New Hope Campaign?

    N. H. C. is a co-operative. It is an Association of Seniors UNITED to meet the common ECONOMIC, SOCIAL and CULTURAL needs and aspirations of its Members, with a jointly owned and democratically run organization. 

    What Does New Hope Do?

    Provide Seniors with: 

    Vital KNOWLEDGE, a like-minded COMMUNITY and


    Why Does New Hope Do What It Does?

    "The number of seniors living below the low-income cutoff point (according to Statistics Canada) has jumped nearly 25% as a result of various financial meltdowns. It is the largest increase among any group. This dramatically increases pressure on the families wanting to help and or support elderly parents and grandparents." In the USA that figure is even more dramatic. 

    "Economists say women make up as much as 80 per cent of 

    the increase in seniors poverty."

    Toronto, Globe & Mail NEWS

    Our Purpose - Our Mission

    1. To Improve The Monthly Income Of Our Senior Members
    Across North America

    2. Help SENIORS overcome the life-destroying effects of INADEQUATE
    INCOME, loneliness, isolation and generally improve their 

    The New Hope CAMPAIGN   
    Where COMMUNITY and PROSPERITY meet...

    Who Can Join & Benefit From


    1. Any Senior Citizen is welcome

    2. YOU can!     

    Yes! You can help any Senior (family member or friend)

    to live a more abundant, safe and happier quality of life...

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